About us

Aluminium Blister Foil

Raviraj Foils Limited is a leading manufacturer Aluminium foils Company in India. Foils for aluminium foils, Blister Foil, Strip Pack Foil, Lidding Foil, Pharmaceutical Foil, Pharma Foil, Cigarette Foil and Four Ply Packaging in Ahmedabad Gujarat [India].


A dream gives birth to a revolution which grows into success. Raviraj Foils Limited ( RFL ) began as a dream of Raviraj Group which has cemented its place into the real estate and construction sector. In 1997 RFL emerged as a new star in the horizon of Indian Aluminiums industry and has been shining bright ever since.

Its success has touched new heights with quality, expertise and reliability, capturing a major chunk of the domestic market. RFL is fast making inroads to become a big player in the global market.


RFL is backed by state-of-the-art technology, a team of highly skilled professionals working around the clock for technological breakthrough to churn out products with quality par excellence. Constant up gradation is our another key to success.

RFL excels in catering to specific customer requirements. The plant operates with two rolling mills supported by Doubler & ‘Kampf’ make ultra modern separator. Other infrastructure include Slitters, Laminators, Coaters and Rotogravure printing machine with five colors capacity, to manufacture foils for different applications.


We work with a versatile metal – Aluminiums – that is non-toxic, nonflammable and UV rays resistant. Its tough yet protective nature has made it an essential element in various industries.

RFL boasts of its forte to cast the metal into foils that envelope a vast variety of uses in the Pharmaceutical Sector, Packaging Industry, Poly-insulted Jelly-field Cable Manufacturing, Cigarettes, Air condition, Consumer products, Food and Confectionery Industry, Laminated tube, just to name a few.


RFL proudly states to have claimed the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate by Intertek.

  • The company was conceived with the ‘SUPREME QUALITY’ factor in mind.
  • RFL supports the use of environment-friendly methods of production uncompromising on excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • RFL keeps shaping itself according to the latest technology of perfection, growth and development.
  • This has been augmented by a well-equipped lab for metallurgical testing and stringent quality control inspections.
  • They are passed by highly efficient quality-control personnel.
  • The result is sheer brilliance that’s outstanding! The slogan of every RFL member is – WE CARE FOR QUALITY.
  • Our quality has bonded us with the customers and propelled us into leadership.


RFL’s dynamic and aggressive marketing team is a force to reckon with. The team analyses specific demands of customers big and small, understanding and imbibing their needs well. The technical service personnel take over from there and mould each demand into a specialized product, meeting deadlines and international quality standards.

This team also takes care off all future developmental needs of the clients. Technical suggestions are offered to the customers for economical use of foils. For us THE CUSTOMER IS KING.


The people behind RFL are visionaries. The company’s exhilarating growth since its inception only reflects their aim and determination to reach and stay at the top.

The team has guided the company to land a huge share of the Indian market and make a mark overseas. The management is committed to success through excellence and has left no stone unturned in its quest for the ultimate. RFL has seen only success, courtesy an efficient management.


Right from the beginning, RFL has implemented formal organizational structures and operational systems which have helped it in achieving professionalism through manpower.

IT knew that the company profit sis not the solitary goal and that growth and safety of its employees were equally important Its professional staff having huge experience in the Aluminium industry efficiently handles the operations and contributes largely to the strength and progress of the company.

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